About us

freedom4you2.com - about usHi there, My name is Tony and it’s nice to have you here. Like all other kids on the block, I always had the dream of going to med school. But I guess we all know better now. Today, I’m a full-time blogger and I couldn’t be more proud of myself and what I do. I wasn’t the brightest kid around but my grades weren’t particularly bad. However, something felt wrong somewhere. I started losing interest in school and everything that came with it. Somewhere along the line, I started wondering why I wanted to be a doctor or why going to college was even necessary. I was unable to provide convincing answers so I simply called it quits.

It’d have been great if I had it all figured out. But I didn’t. Soon, reality started dawning on me and I started seeing the many flaws in all my alternative plans. My life was in the fast lane but I was heading south. Blogging was the light at the end of my very dark tunnel and I’m glad I made the decision to give it a try and stick with it.

I started blogging about 13 years ago. Initially, it was about my passion for writing and how I was trying to document my unremarkable life. I jumped tirelessly from one job to another and I almost had nothing going for me. However, it was almost shocking to realize a lot of people could connect with my story. My first blogs soon became a healing spot for many, a place where they could vent their frustrations without any fear of being perceived a failure. I realized later that I could leverage on my following to make some money. And I haven’t been broke ever since.

Though the summary seems rosy, the journey was full of thorns. There were times I tried and failed, times I felt like quitting. Sometimes, I beat myself for trying too hard and other times I got too lazy to care. With focus, persistence, and a dearth of viable options, I stuck to the trade and it’s probably the only thing I’ve done right all my life.

Why blogging?

I set up this blog to share what I’ve learned after spending over one decade in the field and my experience with my previous blogs. Admittedly, the space is radically different from what it was. But some of us have managed to evolve with the changing times and stay on top of our game. I plan to take you through how you can start and run a successful blog even in these fiercely competitive times. Some people would tell you it’s hard to make money from blogging but the bank statements of many bloggers would tell you otherwise. I plan to teach you all you need to know and you’d decide for yourself if it’s hard or easy.

This blog is probably my most important project, yet. After blogging for many years and making a more than decent income from it, I’ll have to admit that regular blogging became less fulfilling. In my search for something to fill my drive, I toyed with the idea of helping others succeed. That idea birthed this blog and I’m sure there’ll be nothing more fulfilling than the success stories this blog is going to birth.

Why not join me on this jolly ride, it could be the best decision you’ll ever make.